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Argyranthemum frutescens 'Madeira' 


Argyranthemum-Madeira-Cherry-RedArgyranthemum frutescens ‘Madeira' is a range that will really excite you if you are daisy crazy. The plants do not grow bigger than 50 x 50 cm and grow into rounds that are perfect for mass planting. The colours range from white to dark pink, purplish pink with bright yellow eyes, red and yellow. This series of hybrids comes highly recommended and they are readily available...

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Tanya-augustAs temperatures begin to rise there is still a risk of frost in colder areas. Keep protecting tender plants.


Tender trees and shrubs will benefit from a layer of new mulch to protect their roots.


If the ground is not frozen, start preparing new beds by digging in as much organic matter and compost as possible. If this includes removing lawn areas, stack the removed sods upside down out of the way and in a couple of years it will rot down into good compost. Don’t dig it into the soil, it will just regrow.

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