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Installing Cobbled Edging

Installing Cobbled Edging


It is attention to detail that makes a good garden great, and well-laid edging is certainly a prerequisite. Cobbles are easy to install and come in a variety of colours – use them to edge a pathway or a bed and take it from good to great.

What you need
5 kg PPC cement
1 bag river sand

rubber mallet

Step 1. Prepare the area: remove any grass in a strip slightly wider that the width of the cobbles, then dig a small furrow, making its depth a little more than the height of the cobbles.
Step 2. Mix 4 parts river sand to 1 part cement and add enough water to form a mixture with the consistency of thick whipped cream.
Step 3. Using a trowel, place a layer of the cement mixture along the base of the furrow. Place your first cobble on the cement and tap it gently with the mallet to seat it in the mixture. Make sure that it does not stick out above the adjoining lawn (especially when the lawn is at its ideal height). Slide the next cobble flush against the first one so that there is no gap between them. After laying 4 or 5 cobbles test their levels with the spirit level and tap them into place with the mallet where necessary. Proceed in this manner until all the cobbles are in place.

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