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Sappi Birds of South Africa with Callfinder

Groundbreaking field guide features sound of bird calls

Unlocking sound from pictures!

Sappi Birds of South Africa by Saartjie Kidson and Herman van Niekerk enables readers to hear the call of the bird by pointing the unique Callfinder® to a photo, unlocking the sound. It is the all-in-one bird guide that changes the way bird lovers experience nature.
Recent developments have allowed bird lovers to download bird calls via the internet or specialised applications, but nothing could replace the book form of a bird guide. This pioneer book brings together the practicality of a field guide and the ease of technology, taking birding to a new level. The nature lover is no longer bound by internet connections, poor network coverage or impossibly small fonts.
The innovative printing technology prints an invisible grid over each photo. The eye of the Callfinder® reads this grid and translates it into sound. For the first time the guide-user can now recall the sound of a particular bird instantly.
The Callfinder® is battery-operated (rechargeable batteries) and very easy to operate, without any complicated menus or operating instructions – simply point the Callfinder® to the photo to hear the sound.

When enjoying nature and the birdlife, users can use the Callfinder® and guide anywhere with the greatest of ease. Other devices rely on smartphone applications or internet-based software, where the Callfinder® has all the information stored in its memory. Not only does it allow the user to effortlessly combine sound and picture, but it is much cheaper than any other electronic device currently on the market.
"Point the Callfinder® to an image to hear the bird – Simply brilliant!” says Simon Gear from 50/50. "Birding has never been easier and more enjoyable. This book is the ideal guide for any bird lover and gives the user knowledge - basically anywhere, anytime.”
Sappi Birds of South Africa is ideal for birders, tour guides, trainers and game rangers. Actually everyone with an interest in birds! Its layout and unique grouping ensure fast and easy identification of more than 720 bird species, featuring more than 800 high-quality photographs. Apart from the Callfinder®, the book also allows the user to identify birds by means of shape, grouping and habit.
Any bird can easily be found by means of the unique Shapefinder. This feature contains simplified sketches of the main groups of birds, as well as group names and page numbers. Quick reference searches are further simplified by the Dualdex – a bilingual index of all the birds listed by their common group names, such as duck or sparrow.

To further simplify identification, the book contains four main sections in which the featured bird species are grouped together according to their respective habits or habitats. The sections include water birds, raptors, veld landscape, and bush and tree landscape birds. Within each of these groups the species are further grouped together according to their external shape.
What is even more fascinating about this book is the interesting and extraordinary facts of each species. The text does not merely describe what can be seen in a photograph, but it offers interesting facts about each bird. Add to that the latest distribution maps on the market.
Briza Publications, responsible for this groundbreaking book, is very excited about its impact on birding. "South African birders have never had the chance to experience birding at this level. It makes their passion come alive,” says Christo Reitz from Briza.
This small, independent publishing house started in 1990 and is driven by passion for books and the environment. Briza is well known for their high-quality informative books on South African flora and has successfully published other natural history titles both locally and internationally.

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