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The Johannesburg Garden Club Monthly Notes for Highveld Gardens

The Johannesburg Garden Club Monthly Notes for Highveld Gardens

The monthly manual is a detailed guide and problem solver for gardening in the Highveld. It is comprehensively laid out and answers many questions while instructing both seasoned and novice gardeners. It is a delight to read with both the plants and naughty insects seeming to take on willful lives of their own.

I am flattered to have been asked to write a forward to this book. It was my great privilege to work with Elisabeth Smith and Anne Lorentz at The Johannesburg Garden Club and like everyone who knew them, I had the greatest love and admiration for them, not only as people, but also as the most talented gardeners I shall probably ever meet.

For years Anne talked about writing a book, but never quite got around to doing so. When she died, we were afraid it would never be written and so everyone was delighted when Lorrie McCarthy offered to edit it. This is a working manual of monthly gardening notes – begun by Elisabeth and continued by Anne – usually written under great duress at midnight for a Johannesburg Garden Club meeting the following day. It is based on their vast wealth of experience, gained from their own gardens and so many others besides, and is also a celebration of knowledge garnered at their mother’s knee. These are notes from a bygone era, written by Anne and laced with her indefinable wit, Sometimes old fashioned – but still pertinent, because the principles of gardening will always remain the same.

This book will be used constantly by everyone – from the absolute novice to the most seasoned of gardeners. It will answer all your questions and will unexpectedly delight you with its charming references to such things as Arums being sulky! Anne had definite views and would not tolerate poor soil preparation, lack of feeding, disease, pests and weeds in a garden. As a result, the gardens she designed were beautiful and this book is a legacy to everyone who shares Anne and Elisabeth’s love of gardens.

Copies may be purchased for R 170 through Prue Johnson (083 399 7949) prue@jte.co.za or Lorrie McCarthy (082 900 1340) bracklyn@mweb.co.za
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