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Sappi Tree Spotting: Highlands

Sappi Tree Spotting: Highlands

By Val Thomas and Rina Grant

Sappi Tree Spotting: Highlands follows the simple Sappi Tree Spotting system of looking for the Right Trees in the Right Places, and most indigenous trees in the Highlands are found in rocky areas, on ridges, in kloofs, or along stretches of natural unspoilt rivers. Highlands successfully explores the wonder of trees and shrubs from the high-lying grasslands and scrubby Karoo plains, to the Drakensberg and the Eastern Cape Mountain ranges.

There are comprehensive maps including all the larger parks, reserves and tourist destinations with indigenous trees. These offer Tree Spotters specific locations for birding, wild-life watching, picnics, hiking, walking and fishing while looking for trees.

The Sappi series, and now this last updated book, make a difference to Tree Spotters:

• It keeps the terminology simple, using straightforward everyday English.

• It shows you the Right Places to look for the Right Trees, basing tree identification
on the link between vegetation regions (Ecozones) and the woody plants that grow
there naturally.

• It focuses on the striking features of each tree – highlighting details that are easy to
spot, without complex keying.


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