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Festive Chandelier

With a few simple products make this stunning chandelier.

What You Need
1 split woven edging panel
5 small plastic pot holders in red (11cm)
2 core 0.5mm ripcord
5 x straight down lights
5 x 10 watt halogen lamps
3-prong plug
2 x strip connectors
6 x cup hooks
2 x 2m chain
Electronic transformer for halogen lamps

Step 1: Saw off the legs and remove the top strip of the woven edge panel.

Step 2: Drill a hole in each plastic pot the diameter of the down light. Insert the down lights into the pots and position them under the panel. Thread the wires through the woven edging and staple them into position on the reverse of the woven edge panel. Join the lights to the strip connectors and then to the transformer using the ripcord. Once you have determined the distance of the light fixture from the electrical output, join the transformer to the plug with ripcord.

Step 3: Attach cup hooks to each corner of the edging and two into the ceiling and hang your light fitting from the chains.
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