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Searsia pendulina

Searsia pendulina
(White karee)

This tree has a slightly weeping growth habit and a neat crown that casts filtered shade. The leaves, in a set of three individual leaflets, are light green and the bark is an attractive light grey, becoming coarse and flaky as the tree ages. Panicles of tiny greenyellow flowers are followed by edible berries, enjoyed by birds too.
Cultivation: This tree will tolerate a wide range of climates and soils. Plant it in a sunny position and water it moderately. As it grows, prune the lower branches if they endanger passers-by with their dangerous spines.
Key attraction: Very hardy and waterwise, this attractive form tree will soon provide shade and screening while supporting wildlife too.
•Height and width: approximately 7m x 7m
•Form: rounded crown with weeping habit
Note: The genus Searisa was previously named 'Rhus' in South African species.
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Comment by natasha on Mon, Feb 17th, 2014 at 3:28 PM
i planted my rhus pendulina a week ago with green leaves and was told to give it 5l of water for a week then every second day. the leaves are turning yellow and im afraid the tree will die. what can i do?
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