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Quick and easy water feature DIY

Quick and easy water feature

Let your imagination run wild and build your own water feature by making a simple mould and filling it with concrete mix

What you need
1 m copper piping
1 round fibreglass pond (900 mm diameter)
1 fibreglass grid
1 pump
500 mm clear tubing (12 mm)
1 sealed fibre-cement plinth block (450 x 450 x 250 mm)
20 mm shutterboard cut to the following sizes:
•2 sides (535 x 125 mm)
•2 ends (300 x 125 mm)
•1 base (535 x 300 mm)
•1 recess piece (235 x 90 mm)
1 bucket river sand
1 bucket small aggregate
1 bucket cement
16 screws (4 x 40 mm)
4 bags pebbles
Vegetable oil
Cordless screwdriver; rubber mallet; electric drill and a trowel.
What to do

1.To make the concrete column up which water will be pumped to overflow back into the pond, a mould must first be made with the shutterboard. Screw the sides and the ends together and then screw the base to this framework. Fit the recess piece to one end on the inside of the box, making sure that it is centred. Screw it in from the outside. Drill a hole in the top and the bottom of the box to accommodate the copper pipe. Insert the pipe, allowing it to protrude on either side.
2.Paint the inside of the box with a mixture of oil and water to prevent the cement mixture from sticking.
3.Mix together 1 bucket of river sand, 1 bucket of aggregate and 1 bucket of cement with water to form a stiff mixture. Agitate the mixture with a trowel and tap the sides of the box with a rubber mallet to remove any air bubbles. Smooth it off and leave it to dry for a week before removing it from the mould, prior to installation.
4.To install the water feature, place the fiberglass pond upside down in position and mark around the edge. Remove the pond and dig a hole 50mm deep. Add a level layer of sand to the bottom of the hole and insert the pond, making sure it is level.
5.Place the plinth and the pump in the pond and run the electrical cord to the power outlet. Attach the clear tubing to the pump and then run it through a hole in the grid. Place the grid over the pond. Attach the clear tubing to the copper pipe on the bottom of the concrete column and then place the column vertically in position to rest on the plinth, with the recessed end on top. Fill the pond with water and check that it is all working properly.
6.To complete the look, plant some colourful foliage and flowering perennials around the water feature and cover the grid with pebbles.


KLB Engineering is a supplier of pumps and accessories for all you water feature needs. Call them on 011 668 1923 or visit www.klbengineering.com

River Rock Designs are suppliers of fiberglass ponds and accessories in all shapes and sizes. Call them on 031 705 2519 or visit www.riverrock.co.za

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Comment by lorraine on Sun, Dec 16th, 2012 at 12:32 PM
its easy when I am watching Tanya does the water feature,she is great inspiration.well done
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