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Building floating steps
Viewed 22536 times since Mon, Jan 27, 2014
Building floating steps A front entrance should be the most welcoming part of a garden and ‘floating’ steps leading up to the front door certainly lend maximum appeal. Make sure the size of the steps is in scale with the size of the door... Read More
Clever fixes
Viewed 4065 times since Fri, May 9, 2014
Clever fixes Some areas in a garden can be really tricky. Here’s an ideal planting plan for a bed that gets full sun on half its length and and semishade on the other half: Festuca glauca ‘Silver Eyecatch’ for the sunny area... Read More
Distressing a table
Viewed 3076 times since Tue, Sep 4, 2012
Grandma's kitchen table Remember that old, well-scrubbed table in the corner of your Grandma's kitchen – the one that just seemed to invite you to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea? With the paint technique known as 'distressing'... Read More
Does your pool area need a facelift?
Viewed 5646 times since Mon, Oct 22, 2012
Does your pool area need a facelift? A rock cascade adds value to your pool surround by giving it visual animation and the sound of cascading water One of the simplest ways of adding interest to your garden is by constructing a rock cascade as part... Read More
Glass in the garden
Viewed 3449 times since Thu, Mar 28, 2013
Glass In The Garden Glass as a separate work of art in the garden in beautiful, but glass can be used to encapsulate designs and patterns between layers, or to form a striking wall of colour when a backing has been applied. In this article, the... Read More
Grouting outdoor paving
Viewed 56274 times since Mon, Jan 27, 2014
Grouting outdoor paving Using cement to grout the pavers for an outdoor entertainment area makes it long lasting and gives it that finishing touch we all strive for. What you need 5 kg PPC cement river sand for base 1 bag plaster sand Sandstone... Read More
Installing Cobbled Edging
Viewed 33471 times since Mon, Jan 27, 2014
Installing Cobbled Edging Before After It is attention to detail that makes a good garden great, and well-laid edging is certainly a prerequisite. Cobbles are easy to install and come in a... Read More
Paint an alien
Viewed 5490 times since Thu, Aug 29, 2013
Paint an Alien   Don’t despair if your garden has a few alien invaders lurking in it. Once you’ve been ‘destructive’ and removed them then get your creative juices flowing again and create a funky focal point from some... Read More
Recycled water feature
Viewed 7288 times since Mon, Oct 22, 2012
Inventive recycling This easy-to-build water feature, made from discarded household items, bubbles soothingly in the smallest of spaces What you need Sump (this is buried in the ground and provides a small 'pond' for the pump to operate... Read More
Transform the trash!
Viewed 903 times since Fri, May 9, 2014
Transform the trash! There is always something lying around the house or the garden shed, or tucked away in the rafters of the garage that can be put to good use. Take a look at these cool ideas. A. This is an interesting take on a... Read More