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Bacopa Gardeners know them by many names – Bacopa, indigenous Phlox, Sutera or James brittennia. Whatever the name, these ankle-high ground covers with their graceful flowers and light, airy foliage, are a charming addition to any border. A new... Read More
Berberis ’Golden Ring’
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Berberis 'Golden Ring' This splendid foliage shrub is a specially selected form of the Japanese barberry, Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea. It has many variants, each with unique characteristics; these include leaf colour, growth... Read More
Bersama lucens
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Bersama lucens (Glossy White Ash) Type: Small tree, 4m. Form: Compact multi-stemmed tree, prominent foliage. Flowers: Spikes of small, greenish flowers, from September to May. This tree is most noted for the glossy copper foliage it... Read More
Bignonia jasminoides
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Bignonia jasminoides See Pandorea jasminoides Read More
Blechnum brasiliense
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Blechnum brasiliense   A most attractive fern with beautiful pinkred new growth that develops into handsome dark green fronds atop a rhizome-like trunk that attains a height of 30cm. Excellent for shaded, woodland type gardens or beside water... Read More
Blechnum gibbum
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Blechnum gibbum   (also called Lomaria gibba)   An upright, usually single stemmed, fern, it grows 90cm tall and resembles a miniature tree fern. It makes a splendid specimen plant in a pot or in the garden. Read More
Bolusanthus speciosus
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Bolusanthus speciosus (Tree wisteria) This is a truly elegant deciduous tree with a neat, elongated silhouette in the landscape. It is multi-stemmed with thick outer branches. The bark is rough and fissured and the main trunk has great... Read More
Borago officinalis (Borage)
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Borago officinalis (Borage) This annual herb is equally at home in the herb, veggie or cottage-style garden. The plant forms a basal platform of large, rough, hairy leaves from which many flower stems up to 60cm tall emerge, carrying cymes of starry,... Read More
Bougainvillea ‘Killie Campbell’
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Bougainvillea ‘Killie Campbell'   Bougainvillea ‘Killie Campbell' is an old-fashioned variety, with red-pink bracts turning redder as they age.   One cannot miss bougainvilleas when they are in full flower. Looking... Read More
Bougainvillea ‘Little Guy’
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Bougainvillea ‘Little Guy' Bougainvillea ‘Little Guy' is a petite container plant (about 30 x 30 cm) with dark purple bracts.   One cannot miss bougainvilleas when they are in full flower. Looking magnificent, they... Read More
Bougainvillea ‘Temple Fire’
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 Bougainvillea ‘Temple Fire' Bougainvillea ‘Temple Fire' is a cute dwarf plant (about 50 x 70 cm). Its purple bracts have a touch of orange.   One cannot miss bougainvilleas when they are in full flower. Looking... Read More
Bougainvillea ‘Tom Thumb’
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Bougainvillea 'Tom Thumb'   Bougainvillea ‘Tom Thumb' is a compact plant (about 50 x 70 cm) with small lilac bracts.   One cannot miss bougainvilleas when they are in full flower. Looking magnificent, they hang over... Read More
Bougainvillea ’Ada’s Joy’
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Bougainvillea ‘Ada's Joy' A long flowering bougainvillea with the loveliest light pink calyces which look great in pots and in the garden. They need a sunny position and well drained soil. As the case is with all bougainvilleas too... Read More
Bougainvillea hybrids
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Bougainvillea hybrids A well-known group of plants from South America that are seldom seen in flower arrangements. Even so, the dusty pink ‘Natalia', white-bracted ‘Jennifer Fernie' and the lovely new ‘Ada's Joy'... Read More
Bougaunvillea ‘Tropical Rainbow’
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  Bougaunvillea ‘Tropical Rainbow' This compact semi-deciduous shrub or semi-climber has cream and green leaves with new growth appearing in rose-pink and the brightest cerise bracts. It is an excellent... Read More
Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Floribunda’
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  Brunfelsia pauciflora‘ Floribunda' Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Floribunda' is a dense shrub that grows to about 2 to 3 m tall. The leaves are elliptical and leathery with a waxy sheen. The flowers, in shades of dark blue,... Read More
Brunfelsia undulata
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Brunfelsia undulata     Brunfelsia undulata is a sensitive species with narrow and slender oval leaves. The flowers are snow-white with crenated edges, and are attached to thin stems all along the upright branches, and new ones appear all... Read More
Buddleja saligna
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Buddleja saligna   (White Olive) Use this hardy, fast-growing small tree of large shrub as a windbreak or hedge in difficult climatic conditions. It has narrow grey green leaves and sweet-smelling white to creamy-white flowers and responds... Read More
Bulbine frutescens
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Bulbine frutescens (Snake flower) (Balsemkopiva) This small but hardy perennial plant, with its distinguishing aloe-like growth, has smooth narrow-tipped light green succulent leaves and yellow flowers with hairy stamens that are characteristic of... Read More
Bulbs, beautiful colour and bright ideas
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Bulbs, beautiful colour and bright ideas! By Tanya Visser March is definitely a great time to garden, and right I’m not giving you any more clues as to what I’m covering in this article because you’ve simply got to read it all! ... Read More
Burgundy Iceberg
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Burgundy Iceberg   Burgundy Iceberg is a beautiful, eye-catching rose worth planting en masse. Masses of velvety, generally wine-red flowers with a very delicate fragrance cover the plant. The colours often vary, from wine red to pink, and there... Read More
Butia capitata
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Butia capitata   (Yatay or Jelly palm) is a stately, single-stemmed palm tree originating from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. This palm is used extensively in local gardens largely due to its cold tolerance, which makes it one of the few... Read More
Buxus microphylla ‘Faulkner’
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Buxus microphylla ‘Faulkner' This compact evergreen is perfect for hedging although it grows very slowly. It is a perfect plant for formal gardens as it can be shaped successfully into just about any shape you desire. It grows in... Read More
Growing Baby Marrows
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Growing Baby Marrows   Summer Babies Baby marrows, also known as courgettes or zucchinis, are most rewarding plants for the home vegetable gardener to grow. The seed germinates easily and the first fruit is ready for picking within 65 days... Read More
Meet the Bignonia family, both good and bad!
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Meet the Bignonia family, both good and bad! By Gerald Schofield Much like human families, plant families also count amongst their members both the gorgeous and the troublesome. Some, of course, are a little or a lot of both! The plant kingdom... Read More