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Alternative onion growing
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Alternative onion growing   Here's a way to have at least one homegrown salad ingredient available all year round. Simply place an onion in the neck of a glass jar that is filled with water to just below where the onion rests. The onion&... Read More
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Cauliflower   The best time to sow cauliflower in most of the country is in February or March while in hotter areas, like the Lowveld, sowing should be in March or April. In hot gardens, choose the coolest section of the food garden where plants... Read More
Cynara scolymus
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Cynara scolymus   (Globe artichoke) The globe artichoke is perhaps more commonly associated with the vegetable garden because the flower buds are usually eaten as a vegetable but this spectacular plant, belonging to the thistle family, can... Read More
Fertilising vegetables
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Fertilising do's and don'ts   plus a few recipes to make your own tonics for plants. There are no hard and fast rules about fertilising, but a productive food garden often needs less fertiliser than you may think. It is only... Read More
Garden Gifts from the Vegetable Garden
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Garden Gifts from the Vegetable Garden Many food gardeners have mixed feelings about the December holiday season. It is peak harvesting season for summer vegetables, weeds are rampant in the summer rainfall region and everywhere pests are active. In... Read More
Growing Baby Marrows
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Growing Baby Marrows   Summer Babies Baby marrows, also known as courgettes or zucchinis, are most rewarding plants for the home vegetable gardener to grow. The seed germinates easily and the first fruit is ready for picking within 65 days... Read More
Growing onions
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Growing onions Onions need full sun and will grow in most types of soil. Seed can be sown in trays or in-situ, although trays may be easier to manage. The young seedlings transplant well. Sowing Set onions out in rows, with 15cm between the rows and... Read More
Growing Peas
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Growing Peas   Peas are essentially a cool season vegetable and one of the first that can be planted in spring. The soil in the bed should be prepared well in advance with plenty of mature compost. Peas require full sun and good drainage. ... Read More
Growing root vegetables
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Savour your roots Although it may not yet feel like it, autumn is on its way and root vegetables, including carrots, beetroot, onions, turnips and radishes, prefer the cooler growing conditions. Most seed packets indicate that carrots, beetroot and... Read More
Growing Tomatoes
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Growing Tomatoes Hailing from the Americas, originally thought to be poisonous and saddled with the unwieldy botanical name Lycopersicon esculentum, the tomato is now used worldwide and is an almost indispensable part of meal preparation in many... Read More
Viewed 3132 times since Fri, Apr 13, 2012
Peppers Early December presents the last chance in the season to plant both the hot and the sweet capsicums, so whether your taste tends towards hot and fiery or sweet and crunchy start sowing them now. There is a misconception that it is hard to... Read More
Potted tomatoes
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Potted Tomatoes One of the joys of growing tomatoes in pots is that they do so well, and if the pots can be moved as the sun moves then one can pick tomatoes well into winter, which is a real bonus. Growing tomatoes in containers is a viable... Read More
Selecting a site for a food garden
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Selecting a site for a food garden The ideal site for a food garden is one that is level, gets at least six hours of sun, has good soil and is sheltered from wind, frost and even pets. Not many of us are lucky enough to have such a site but... Read More
Sowing vegetables
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Sowing vegetables August is the time to get out those seed packets and hone your sowing, spacing and thinning out skills.Since March we have been putting the building blocks in place for a successful food garden. The planning and preparation is done... Read More
Top 10 tips to start a food garden
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Top 10 tips to start a food garden The best time to start a food garden is when you are ready to do it. That could be now, which is ideal because it is the start of the growing season. But, because food gardening is a year-round occupation you can... Read More
Veggies and Herbs for light shade
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Veggies and Herbs for light shade   If your eagerness to grow your own herbs and vegetables is being stymied by the lack of an area that gets full sun then all is not lost. Read on for some inspiration and ideas. Most vegetables and herbs... Read More