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Container plants that beat the heat
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Container plants that beat the heat There are a number of tough waterwise characters that thrive in containers and love being out in the midday sun.Summer can take its toll on container plants and having continually to replace ones that succumb to... Read More
Planting and repotting ferns
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Planting and repotting ferns   Ferns are easy to transplant and benefit from regular repotting into slightly larger containers. They can either be planted singly or in groups to create a miniature garden in a single pot or shallow bowl.  ... Read More
Repotting orchids
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Repotting orchids Spring is the best time to re-pot orchids because the warmer weather and longer days will initiate new growth. First things first though, let's decide which orchids benefit from re-potting at this time of year because, just... Read More
Transform the trash!
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Transform the trash! There is always something lying around the house or the garden shed, or tucked away in the rafters of the garage that can be put to good use. Take a look at these cool ideas. A. This is an interesting take on a... Read More
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Urns Urns carved out of stone and earthenware amphorae were used by the Greeks and Romans as drinking pitchers and to store other products of nature's largesse, like wine and olive oil. Similar lidded vessels were also used as the final resting... Read More