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Divide and rule
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Divide and rule   Early spring is the ideal time to divide, or split, Dietes and other clump-forming plants like Carex, Liriope and Ophiopogon. Here is a simple step by step pictorial of the process.   ... Read More
Propagate from root cuttings
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Propagate from root cuttings   Although seeds are generally accepted as nature's way of ensuring the continuation of a species in the plant kingdom, there are other ways of propagating garden plants. Most plants propagated in horticulture... Read More
Propagate softwood cuttings
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Propagate softwood cuttings   Now is the perfect time to take softwood cuttings of daisy, rosemary, lavender, chrysanthemum, fuchsia and pelargonium as they all have lots of new growth from which to steal.   ... Read More
Propagating vygies
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Propagating vygies   January is the ideal month to propagate perennial vygies from cuttings.   What To Do Step 1: Take cuttings of about 8-10cm long from healthy stems... Read More
Seed sowing
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Seed sowing Timing is critical in growing your own flower or vegetable seedlings, so make sure that you sow the seeds during the right season for your area or climatic zone because temperature, day length and humidity can all have a profound effect... Read More
Sow a meadow
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Sow a meadow Do you have an area in the garden where you would like to try something different? What about emulating a flower-filled meadow? It doesn't have to be a big area and it can be any shape. As long as it receives some dappled sun and... Read More