Grouting outdoor paving

Grouting outdoor paving

Using cement to grout the pavers for an outdoor entertainment area makes it long lasting and gives it that finishing touch we all strive for.

What you need
5 kg PPC cement
river sand for base
1 bag plaster sand
Sandstone pavers

rubber mallet
spirit level
spacer cut from off-cuts of wood
straight edge (2.2 m)

Step 1. Prepare the area for the pavers by removing grass and plants, then put down a layer of river sand, compact it and level it.
Step 2. If there is no straight edge from which you can work then set up a builder’s line. Next, decide how big the gaps between the pavers must be and cut a piece of wood to this size to use as a spacer. Start putting down the pavers, checking their levels as you work, and using the mallet to tap them down when necessary. Use the straight edge to ensure each row is straight before starting the next row.
Step 3. For the grouting use 3 parts plaster sand to 1 part cement and enough water to form a mixture that is the consistency of ‘runny’ yoghurt. Use a trowel to pack the mixture into the gaps and use a squeegee to smooth it over. Do a maximum of 4 linear metres at a time then use a trowel to remove the excess grouting and use a sponge and water to clean off the pavers, otherwise they may be permanently stained. Once completed, leave for 48 hours to dry. If it is very hot during this time then wet the grouting occasionally, using a hose with a fine spray, to help prevent cracks forming.

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