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In the garden


  • Gifts for gardeners: a selection of must-have goodies for this festive season    
  • Trusty trio: Mandevillas    
  • Garden inspiration: All things bright and beautiful
  • The face of summer – plants that capture the essence of summer
  • Proudly South African: Cotyledon orbiculata
  • Bushveld trees for the garden
  • One-pot culinary combinations
  • Your rose garden: up close and personal
  • Midsummer marigolds
  • Pretty peculiar: Medinilla magnifica
  • Bonsai: the tricks to smaller leaves
  • Pretty peculiar: Acer saccharinum
  • Watch out! Summer is fungus season
  • Classic combo: Agapanthus, mustard, echinacea and grasses
  • Growing vegetables: quick picks
  • Growing herbs: the best herbs for a braai
  • Koi: bad body shapes in koi – what can it be?




10 DIY holiday projects
•    Picture perfect
•    Pot techniques
•    One pot, three ways
•    The gables insect inn
•    Ficus hanging around
•    Setting up for the festive season
•    Solar garden
•    Organic cement pots
•    Frame a pot
•    Hanging bucket


Practical DIY

  • Hang up your bicycle with Sika



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  • Stoep Stories with Anna Celliers: gardening slip-slops for discipline!




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