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Garden inspiration
The inside out of a playful small garden


Garden Design
A garden designed to feed


Pot recipe
Boxed-in summer


Trusty trio
Agaves – admirable by name, spikey by nature


Plant feature
Living columns


Plant feature
Winning weeds


Indoor plants
Mix it up a little!
Your rose garden
White classics and rose tasks for this month


Proudly South African
Putting on a show with yellow ochna


Wildlife gardening in small spaces


New releases
Babylon Eyes


Water gardening
What’s new in water features


Lawn care
Summer lawn Q&A


Bug watch
Beware the red pest


Cascading beauty


Classic combo
Aloe ferox with lotus and agapanthus


Weed watch
Controlling summer weeds


Alien watch
Cat’s claw creeper


Food gardens
Sun-kissed days in the food garden patch
Food garden tasks
The best ‘drinkable’ herbs
16-Calorie celery



Creative DIY
Spiral tower garden


Quick DIY
Treat your tools right




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