How to Grow Cucumbers

In the spirit of World Cucumber Day on June 14,  Tanya shows you how to grow these versatile vegetables successfully. If you follow these step-by-step instructions, hopefully there will be some fresh cucumbers in your garden this spring!

Place either seedling mix or coconut husk in a small terracotta pot – anything from 12cm diameter upwards is perfect. Don’t fill the pot all the way to the top, leave a space of about 1-2 cm from the rim of the pot.
Gently firm down the planting medium with your fingers.
Now take about 7 seeds and space them evenly over the surface of the medium.
Cover the seeds with a layer of 1cm of medium, place the pot in an area that gets loads of good light.
Now give them a good watering.
Watering will need to be done daily until they germinate, after germination the watering can be cut back.
When your little guys have reached a height of a 5 – 7cm and produced leaves, you can successfully transplant them out into your garden in full sun.