For The Love of Water Wise Gardening

Water Wise, Rand Water’s environmental brand, is at the forefront of promoting education and awareness on water conservation and other environmental issues.

Water Wise, with a continuous dedication to advancing community development and promoting responsible water use, has developed the Water Wise Organic Food Gardens initiative, which has proven to have a significant impact on Rand Water’s area of supply.

At the highlight of this programme is the Kanguru Institute for Children, a prestigious South African Non-Profit organisation that has been caring for challenged children since its inception on 27 August 2007. Recognizing the vital service given by Kanguru Institute, Rand Water (through the Water Wise team) seized the opportunity to support this noble cause in March 2021, giving knowledge and technical skills, to assist the community organisation in developing and sustaining Water Wise organic vegetable gardens.

The main goal of these gardens goes beyond farming, it additionally aims to promote self-sufficiency, health, and sustainability. Water Wise through their programme on water conservation in organic vegetable gardening, has provided the Kanguru Institute employees with the necessary skills needed to not only cultivate fresh, organic produce for their kitchen but also lay the groundwork for potential income generation through the sale of surplus vegetables.

Training included, but was not limited to the following training aspects:

• Seed sowing and transplanting
• Organic compost production
• Application of mulch
• Water Wise watering
• Crop rotations and companion planting
• Pest and weed control.

Since the initiation of the training programme, the Kanguru Institute vegetable garden has thrived, demonstrating visible gains because of the implementation of Water Wise principles. This success story demonstrates the transforming potential that Rand Water and Water Wise advocates for, of education, collaboration, water and environmental stewardship.
As the garden continues to grow and develop, it not only meets immediate needs but also builds the framework for a brighter future. With each crop, Kanguru Institute gets closer to its objective of self -sufficiency, financial independence and reduced water use.

Rand Water and Water Wise remain committed to empowering communities, cultivating sustainable habits, and creating a brighter, greener future for generations to come. Join us in embracing the concept of water and environmental conservation and community upliftment through the application of Water Wise principles.

Be #WaterWise

The Gardener