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Braai Pot

Braai Pot

February 28, 2023 10:14 am Published by

With summer in full swing, many hours are spent around the fire. Add flavour to any braai with these three…

outdoor kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

October 31, 2022 11:15 am Published by

2021 was the year of renovations. Be it a small weekend DIY project or a major overhaul, it seems that…

Tandoori time

March 16, 2018 2:33 pm Published by

Tandoori time Making your own tandoori oven is really simple. Why not make one yourself, and cook up some great…

And the kitchen sink

March 9, 2018 9:45 am Published by

Complete with the kitchen sink! What you need Cutting list: Pine cut to the following dimensions: 4 x 44mm x…

Tin braai can

March 9, 2018 8:47 am Published by

Tin braai can Repurpose a paint tin to make a neat little braai! What you need Empty metal paint can…

Braai Cabinet

February 27, 2018 2:31 pm Published by

A braai cabinet with a difference A handy surface next to your braai is always so useful, for meat, tongs,…