mixed medley

Mixed Medley

Hoekwil Open Gardens

Saturday 6 – Sunday 7 November

Hoekwil village, 7km inland of Wilderness, has become known over the last 8 years for showcasing country gardening with a twist. With a backdrop of the Outeniqua Mountains, the sea and lakes, these large gardens lend themselves to sweeping expanses of colourful flowerbeds, from formal to natural indigenous. Ponds, dams and unusual water features add interest to the mass planting of roses, aloes and succulents, with pathways leading through forests. Hoekwil is a popular destination for visitors looking for beautiful scenery, interesting eateries, quaint nurseries and a laid-back atmosphere. 

Times: 09:00 –16:00

Entrance: R50 per person for both days. Children free.

Tickets are available on the days at a kiosk outside the Hoekwil Post Office in Kerkstraat. Look out for signage.

Enquiries: Magda: 073 174 4186, magdavz@netactive.co.za; Dalene: 082 561 4784, dstrauss@tisco.co.za; Jenny: 082 497 3741, jennyhoekwil@gmail.com

Mixed Medley 

Inaretha and Donald Lategan, 523 Platrugweg

Mixed Medley, is a small 3.6ha ‘farm’ is only fenced around the house to allow the wildlife move freely through the area. Indigenous trees such as false olive (Buddleja saligna), cheesewood (Pittosporum viridiflorum) and red currant (Rhus chirindensis) are in abundance. Together with heather and aloes, it is a combination of organised and wild gardening where the natural fynbos grows spontaneously. The many birdbaths throughout the garden offer the abundant birdlife a cool retreat. There is a succulent nursery on site.

GPS: -33.976917, 22.640194

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