windblown garden

Windblown Garden

Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 September 

Windblown Garden is a gift to McGregor from SA’s Award-winning designer, Leon Kluge. Inspired by elements that shape the area, the display has been seeded with plants that perform well in the area and will be in full flower in spring.  Five ‘rooms’ offer stone seats to enjoy the planting, which features colourful Nama seed sponsored by Kirchhoffs. 

Enquiries: Contact McGregor Tourism 023 625 1954 or info@tourismmcgregor.co.za for tickets to a talk by Leon Kluge.

Venue: Diagonally opposite McGregor Tourism on Voortrekker Street.

GPS: -33.949110,19.826831

Time to view: 20 minutes

Why visit Windblown Garden:  Designer landscaping, Namaqua colours

  • Wheelchairs
  • Dogs allowed