A walk to remember


It is easy to create a flowery walkway if you know what to plant at ground level; we analyzed this lovely setting to get you started. The climbing Iceberg roses are already looking gorgeous and within the next growing season they will form a dense cloud of snow-white flowers overhead.

Penstemon Digitalis ‘Husker’s Red’
This maroon leaved, red stemmed Penstemon hybrid bears delicate white flowers on tall stems.  


Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow)
No cottage or cloister garden of old worth its salt would have been without
yarrow. Modern yarrow blooms in a wide colour range that includes yellow, bright orange, salmon, dark pink and white.


Iris Germanica (Bearded Iris)
There are almost as many bearded Iris hybrids as there are hairs on a dog’s back! What they all have in common are breathtakingly beautiful flowers
in spring and early summer.


Penstemon ‘Cherry Red’
If they are happy and healthy then Penstemon bloom in abundance in spring, early summer and again in autumn, so make sure you plant
them in rich, free-draining soil.  


Hebe ‘Wiri Joy’ Hebes (Veronicas) are the backbone of a summer garden. These little shrubs are easy to grow and only need cutting back in late autumn (or spring in very cold climates) to stop them from becoming
woody and long legged. There are lots of Hebe hybrids in different colours, from mauve to fuchsia, deep purple and even blue. In addition, some have colourful variegated foliage.

Heliotropium Arborescens (Heliotrope)
A very sweet fragrance at dusk heralds the presence of heliotrope in a garden. The  flowers are carried on tall and slender stems above the finely wrinkled foliage and are more abundant in the cooler months.  


Oenothera Speciosa (Evening Primrose)
Evening primrose is a fast-growing perennial ground cover that bears light pink, scented flowers from spring onward to autumn. These handy little
filler plants can cover a bare spot most colourfully.  


Campanula Poscharskyana
This pretty little sky blue Campanula grows happily in dappled shade in the company of other perennials. It flowers all summer.

The Gardener