DIY Honeycomb Shelves


The hexagon or honeycomb shelf is great, especially when used creatively in a group.



What you need:


  • PAR (planed all round) pine timber in the following dimensions: 6 pieces of 185mm x 94mm x 22mm •
  • Wood filler
  • Masking tape
  • Wood glue
  • Paint/wood stain
  • Tools: Pencil, tape measure, mitre saw, sander


What you do:




1. Set your mitre saw to a 30° angle and cut six pieces of timber to 185mm, with the ends angling in towards each other.

2. Lay all six pieces in a line, with the angled ends facing down and the ends touching

3. Place two strips of masking tape over the full length of all six pieces, with a little extra at one end




4. Flip all six pieces over. The masking tape will hold them in line.

5. Apply wood glue to each of the ‘V’ spaces as well as one end face.

6. Roll all six pieces into a hexagon.




7. Use the excess masking tape from step 6 to secure the hexagon and leave to dry.

8. Once the glue has set, remove the tape and apply wood filler to any gaps.

9. Sand all the surfaces and paint.