softwood cuttings

Propagate Softwood Cuttings

Now is the perfect time to take softwood cuttings of daisy, rosemary, lavender, chrysanthemum, fuchsia and pelargonium as they all have lots of new growth from which to steal.

 Step 1. Snip off about 10cm long healthy shoots of new growth. If there are any flowers or buds present, pinch them off.





Step 2. Remove all the lower leaves and, using a sharp knife, cut the base of the stem just below the lowest leaf joint or ‘eye’.






 Step 3. Dip the base of the cutting in a little water, shake off any excess moisture and then dip it into hormone rooting powder (available at your local garden centre). Shake off any excess rooting powder as too much will inhibit rooting.



Step 4. Place the cuttings in a clean pot filled with moist commercial seedling mix. The medium must be free-draining and porous. Insert up to three cuttings in a small pot and space them widely so that they are not touching.





Step 5. Cover the pot with a clear plastic container, and place it in a warm, bright spot (not direct sunlight). Once the cuttings are rooted, the container must be removed. Pinch out the shoot tips to produce bushy plants and start feeding the plants with a growth stimulant like Kelpak seaweed foliar feed.



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