Franschhoek Open Garden Festival - Lemon Tree

Franschhoek Open Garden Festival 2022

The Franschhoek Open Garden Festival 2022 boasts a range of open gardens from small village gardens to beautiful large farm gardens.

  • Times: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Tickets: R200 per person for all the gardens
  • Enquiries: glyndajacobs@gmail.com, pat01jacobs@gmail.com, cdy@telkomsa.net or gardnerjandb@gmail.com

Tickets will be on sale for the whole weekend in the Main Street in Franschhoek and on www.webtickets.co.za. Brochures will have a detailed map of the full Franschhoek Open Garden Festival 2022.

Le Poirier, Dirkie Uys Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Paula Disberry

A ‘food’ garden using regenerative techniques has brought life back to the soil of this former pear orchard. The palisaded pears provide privacy and act as a framework for the planting of organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Celebrity hens, rabbits and alpacas roam the garden working with wildlife to produce food as nature intended.

Franschhoek Open Garden Festival - Le Poirier
Le Poirier

Lemon Tree Corner, 57 Huguenot Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Brian and Marilyn Moore

Winding pathways lead you to different rooms within the garden walls. The emphasis is on textures and shades of grey and green interspersed with yellow, orange and purple and the garden is easy on the eye all year round. The extensive lawn has been entirely replanted with lippia (daisy lawn). This water-wise garden is born out of the recent drought and the surviving plant material provides the frame around which the garden of fynbos and succulents was built.

Franschhoek Open Garden Festival - Lemon Tree Corner
Lemon Tree Corner

La Cotte Farm, 24 La Cotte Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

This is a new garden on a landscaped historical estate. The old homestead is surrounded by rolling hills and old oaks. There is a sweep of shrubs, colourful plantings and veggies, leading to the dovecot, now a chicken coop. There is a lot to see including cottage gardens, a landscaped grass garden and a pool courtyard.

Franschhoek Open Garden Festival - La Cotte Farm
La Cotte Farm

La Rive, 29 Dirkie Uys Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Brett Gage and Gordon Jones

Garden lovers will be pleased that this stunning garden is back on show. On first sight this garden takes your breath away, its vibrant planting providing a source of inspiration. Terraces, ponds and pathways lead you into every corner, with each offering a new and delightful vista.

Franschhoek Open Garden Festival - La Rive
La Rive

36 Cabriere Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Carl and Sonia Atkinson

A park-like garden featuring magnificent old trees. Enjoy the dappled light filtering through lofty branches. Deeply shaded to sunlit open areas are suitably planted. This garden displays many of the favourite plants found in the garden of the historic houses of the Cape. The magnificent garden at the rear of the house slopes away to a lovely view of the mountains beyond.

La Chouette, 45 Huguenot Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Robbie Cameron

Thought and creativity have been put into this unusual garden. Being on a slope, it has been a challenge to landscapers and the intricate terracing is very cleverly constructed. This is a water-wise garden which relies solely on leiwater. Emphasis is on shades of green and grey creating an all-year-round garden with pleasing spaces to spend time in.

Maison des Roses, 21 La Cotte Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Guido and Debbie Dinglemans

This beautiful Victorian home was built in 1895. A giant camphor tree shades the front garden, surrounded by lush lawns and edged with dark green hedges. The owners’ home combines history with contemporary-style plantings. Enjoy the well-manicured pool garden as well as a breathtaking rose garden.

20 La Cotte Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Ingrid and Grant Kassner

A beautifully landscaped knoll recently re-modelled with clever use of plants from previously overgrown areas. It is divided into charming areas of interesting and varied planting. One area leads to the next down gentle slopes revealing different plantings and distant views. This is a four-seasons garden. A viewing area invites you to sit and admire the garden from above. The recent addition of a potager garden is a chef’s delight.

Atelier, 1 Unie Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Johan du Plessis

This garden belongs to a well-known artist. Walk slowly through this little gem of a garden, soaking up the atmosphere, the art and the unusual plants. Expect surprise! There are beautiful hanging zygo cacti blooming beautifully especially for you; colour and variety in every corner. Truly this will give you unique inspiration!

Mayflower, 19 Cabriere Street

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 October

Cate and Tony Fishlock

This garden has may features, from deeply shaded areas with large trees to hot sun-filled corners full of bright colour. There is an eco pool that is warm to swim in and kept in pristine condition by the plantings, through which the water is filtered. Cate’s kitchen garden is in raised planter boxes. She successfully grows a variety of herbs and veggies conveniently right outside the kitchen door. Birds, insects, frogs and squirrels abound.

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