DIY Tiered Wall Pot Holder

Create a wall pot holder with interesting angles to best display your potted plants.

Sometimes it’s hard to find space to best display small potted plants. This fairly easy tiered wall pot holder DIY allows you to do just that, displaying them on a wall wherever it suits you.

You Need:

Cutting list
3 x 22mm x 144mm x 1.8m PAR Pine cut to: 1 x 1.4m x 144mm x 22mm (upright) 4 x 185mm x 144mm x 22mm (horizontal pieces) 4 x 260mm x 144mm x 22mm, with 45° ends angled in towards each other (diagonal pieces) 4mm x 35mm cut screws

  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • 4 x 12cm pots


Cordless drill, sanding block/sander, tape measure, pencil, combination square, 102mm hole saw, mitre saw or jigsaw, paintbrush, speed pilot

Do this:

  1. Mark and cut the pieces according to the cutting list. To cut the 45° cuts you can use a mitre saw, a jigsaw set to 45° or a hand saw and a mitre box.
  2. Find the centre of a diagonal piece and make a mark. Use the hole saw and cordless drill to drill a hole at the mark. Repeat on the other three pieces.
  3. Line up one diagonal piece with an end of the long upright piece. Then take one horizontal piece and position it up against the other end of the diagonal piece. Mark where this horizontal piece is.
  4. Drill two pilot holes in the long upright piece, within the marks from Step 3.
  5. Make a mark at the end of the upright piece where the diagonal piece will be, and drill two pilot holes.
  6. Place the long upright piece on its side, and glue and screw the horizontal piece in place.
  7. Glue and screw the diagonal piece in place.
  8. Measure 400mm from the horizontal piece and make a mark. Repeat the process of drilling pilot holes and gluing and screwing the horizontal pieces to the upright. Repeat until all four uprights and diagonals are in place.
  9. Fill any gaps with wood filler and sand the completed stand.
  10. Paint or seal the completed stand. We used a Rust-Oleum wood stain and a satin varnish.
  11. Hang the stand on the wall using strong wall anchors.
The Gardener