Floating Pot Rack

Mount this piece close to the kitchen door so you have your herbs on hand, or on an outside wall to add interest. Regularly swap the pots with ones on your kitchen windowsill or garden to keep them healthy.

What you will Need
1 x 22 mm pine backing board
(200 mm x 500 mm)
2 x 22 mm pine struts (45mm x 160 mm)
3 x 110 mm downpipe brackets
3 x plant pots
2 x mirror hooks
Wood glue
3 x 4 mm chipboard screws (20 mm)
4 x 4 mm chipboard screws (40 mm)
120 grit sandpaper
Woodoc gel stain
Woodoc wood sealer

Drill, orbital sander, pencil, tape measure, set square, 2.5 mm drill bit

1. Cut the struts to size (45 mm x 160 mm) and drill a hole 30 mm from each end. Cut the backing pine to size (200 mm x 500 mm) and drill three holes 130 mm from the top – one in the middle and one 90 mm from each end.

2. Position the two struts on the back of the backing pine, 60 mm from the edge. Glue and screw the struts to the backing, using the 40 mm screws.

3. Sand and stain the pine, then finish it with two coats of an exterior wood sealer. We used Woodoc 50. Allow it to dry.

4. Attach the mirror hooks to the top edge of the struts and mount the down pipe brackets on the front of the rack, using the 20 mm screws.

5. Mount the plant rack on a wall. Plant up three pots with herbs and place them in your new floating pot plant rack.

The Gardener