Lightweight, nifty shears

STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears, with a choice of shrub cutter and grass trimmer attachments, weigh just 0.6kg and are ideal for trimming ornamental shrubs and small hedges and keeping lawn edges tidy.

The HSA 25 shears feature a 10.8V lithium-ion battery, which guarantees complete mobility and a running time that’s suitable for neatening up a smaller suburban garden. Simply click in the cutting head and you’re ready to start. They boast an ergonomic design with a rubberised handle for user comfort and a secure grip. The laser-hardened, diamond-finished blades can cut twigs and branches with a diameter of up to 8mm.

In addition, the two reciprocating blades, which lie on top of each other, are doubly effective and therefore much more powerful. With 2 000 double strokes per minute, they deliver an extremely clean, precise cut. STIHL HSA 25 shrub shears are quiet, simple to operate and comfortable to work with: cut, trim, prune and shape with a single tool that is easy to use with just one hand. This compact power tool delivers the same accurate precision cuts as hand-held shears without any of the physical exertion, so no more sore hands or aching muscles after working in your garden. A perfect choice for convenience and precision cutting.

The Gardener