Welcome to Lonehill Media

We are a media firm who promote brands and businesses in the gardening and outdoor lifestyle areas.

Our platforms explained


We publish the following magazines and distribute them through major outlets throughout South African and its neighbouring countries. We also provide our magazines in a digital magazine format for readers and subscribers to enjoy on their smart devices.

  • The Gardener
  • Die Tuinier
  • Grow to Eat
  • Open Gardens
  • Let’s Braai
  • Kom ons Braai


www.gardener.co.za, houses a space for readers to explore each of the magazine titles. Our website contains a wide variety of articles about plants, gardening, DIYs and recipes from past issues of our magazines.

Social Media

All of our magazine titles have their own Facebook and Instagram pages which we use to share plant and gardening tips as well as in-season articles and more.

Garden Shows

We host Southern Africa’s Premier Garden Shows, where visitors are treated to an array of inspiring gardens, free talks, products, activities and events, specialist plants and lots more.

  • The Autumn Garden Show in Johannesburg.
  • The Spring Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg.

For more information visit the website www.gardenshow.co.za

To apply as an exhibitor, please click here.

Do you want to advertise with us?

We offer print and digital advertising on all of our platforms. Contact us should you wish to promote your product or business on any of our platforms. 

Do you want to sell our magazines?

We use RNA distribution to ensure our magazine gets to agents all across the country and into our neighbouring countries. Please contact RNA distribution should you with to become an agent that stocks any of our magazines. This is on a return basis and the storeowner only pays for magazines sold.

If you know there is a high demand from the magazine or you would like to run a promotion of giving our magazine away to your faithful clients you can request to purchase magazines at a bulk discount.

Do you want to request back copies of our magazines?

Do you have an event and want your guests to enjoy a previous issue of one of our magazines?

Send us an email here to find out if we can make back copies available for your collection from the distribution depots across the country.