Braai Pot

Braai Pot

Braai Pot

With summer in full swing, many hours are spent around the fire. Add flavour to any braai with these three herbs.

What you need

  • Large pot
  • Potting soil
  • Silica sand
  • Organic fertiliser pellets
  • Hand trowel
  • Shade cloth to cover drainage holes
  • Labels and an HB pencil

Rosemary is a good herb to use in seasoning of chicken, venison and lamb.

Thyme is used for adding depth of flavour to dishes. Add to potatoes, salads and sauces.

Sage can be infused in butter and adds great flavour to sausages and sweet potatoes.

• Place shade cloth over the drainage holes of the pot. Mix two parts silica sand,1 part organic fertiliser and seven parts potting soil, and fill the pot halfway with soil mix. Place the herbs and fill in soil around the plants, firming down gently. Label and water well.

• These herbs will do best in full sun. Do not overwater, and allow the soil to dry completely before the next watering. Regular harvesting of these herbs will ensure new growth.

Try this:

Rosemary makes the perfect kebab sticks. Strip the leaves from a long stem and cut one end at a 45° angle. Skewer on chicken and add spices. Now you are ready to braai!

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