Firewood Holder

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Neaten up your firewood pile by making your own simple firewood holder using wooden planks, some concrete bricks and a bit of paint.

What you need:

4 x 50mm x 75mm x 1m roofing timber

2 x concrete blocks

Plaster primer

Enamel paint

Paint brush

What you do:

Place the blocks where you want your woodpile to be, close to your braai. They should be parallel and about 200mm apart. (You can adjust them, bringing them closer together or further apart, to fit your firewood.)

Pop the timber into the holes in the blocks, one piece in each hole to form two ‘V’s.

Paint the timber and concrete blocks with primer. Allow it to dry, and repeat if necessary.

Paint the timber and concrete blocks with an enamel paint. Allow to dry and repeat with a second coat.

Last job to do is stack your hardekool firewood in the ‘V’s where it will stay tidy and close at hand, plus it will drain well if it gets wet.

The Gardener