Make The Ultimate Mobile Braai

If you love braaing but don’t have the space to have a built-in braai, why not try your hand at making yourself a moveable outdoor braai. We used a pre-cut workbench and tabletop braai to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

What you will need:

4 castor wheels

1 workbench with a solid worktop

1 tabletop braai

2 pieces of aluminium angle (50 x 50 x 455 mm), with 45° ends – braai sides 2 pieces of aluminium angle (50 x 50 x 635 mm), with 45° ends – braai back and front

32 full-thread cut screws (4 x 35 mm)

2 x 20 mm wooden supports (500 x 75 mm)

4 x 20 mm wooden supports (180 x 75 mm)

1 litre Woodoc 25


Circular saw, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, cordless drill and attachment

Step 1. Assemble the workbench as per the instructions and ­fit castor wheels using the full-thread cut screws.

Step 2. On the solid worktop, mark and cut out the size required for the braai. To allow access to the front controls on tabletop braai, you might need to use a jigsaw to cut away the front support of the workbench. Sand the rough edges.

Step 3. Fix the short (180 x 75 mm) supports on either side of the controls cutaway in the front of the workbench and to the same place on the back of the workbench. Attach the longer (500 x 75 mm) supports between the front and back pieces. The height and length of these pieces might need to be adapted to the accommodate the depth of your braai.

Use a jigsaw to make a cut-out in one of the supports for the gas pipe. Fit the braai to check that it fits in place.

Step 4. Remove the braai and apply three coats of Woodoc 25 to the entire workbench. Allow to dry fully between coats.

Step 5. Fit the aluminium angle strips, having cut the 45° ends for a mitre joint, around the edge of the braai and insert the braai. The aluminium protects the wood and ­finishes the braai off nicely. The weight of the braai will hold the aluminium angle in place.

Step 6. Hook up the gas and start braaiing.

The Gardener