Quick and easy built-in braai

Take your braaiing to the next level with this DIY built-in braai.

What you will need:

190 Top Gold solid bricks

9 buckets building sand

1 pocket cement

Braai with charcoal tray and grid


Pencil, sponge, tape measure, spirit level, bricklayer’s trowel, bricklayer’s jointer, angle grinder with masonry cutting blade.

What you do:

1. The end result will be a brick built-in braai that supports a charcoal tray and has space for the grid above it, as well as a utility surface to the side, made out of a paver. Measure the charcoal tray that you are going to be using and mark the dimensions out on the floor where you will be building. Measure the paver and mark its dimensions out too.

2. Lay out bricks according to the markings, without using any cement. This ‘dry run’ will let you double-check that the charcoal tray and paver will fit properly. It will also inform you if you need to cut any bricks to fit. Cut any bricks that are needed.

3. Mix cement to a ratio of 6 parts building sand to 1 part cement. The cement shouldn’t be too runny, as it will need to hold its shape. Apply cement to the floor and lay the first course of bricks. Using the spirit level, check that the bricks are level. Clean excess cement from the bricks and floor using water and a sponge, then continue with the second course. Check that the course is level, square, and not leaning over. Using the jointer, do all jointing between every course before continuing. Continue with more courses, until you have done seven courses.

4. The next course is slightly different, in that on the two side walls the bricks need to be laid at right angles to the existing ones, to create a ledge to support the charcoal tray and paver. The distance between the edges of these overhanging bricks needs to be a few mm bigger than the length of the charcoal tray’s body (excluding the lip).

5. On top of the 90° course, do a regular course of bricks. On top of this do another 90° course, but will the edge above the paver flush with the normal course (see the photograph to avoid confusion). You will need to cut bricks for this course to work. This course is for the braai grid to sit on. Do one more normal course of bricks.

6. Clean up and joint your brickwork, insert your table top braai and you’re done.

Need a table top braai? The 1000 Multifunction Charcoal Braai from Firefox is designed to make your outdoor structure stylish. This table braai can also be used indoors where there is a chimney to vent the smoke. It has a hook to use for a potjie pot and is cleverly designed to hold stainless steel trays that fit under the heat and keep your food warm. These also double up as serving trays.

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