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Luscious Bowls: Poke Bowl

braai bowl

Food bowls are trendy, easy to make look good on Instagram, and surprisingly healthy and tasty. The fun thing about creating a bowl of food is that anything goes. Savoury or sweet, traditional flavours or just the thing you like together, food bowls are the thing you should try at your next braai.

A poke bowl (pronounced ‘po-kay’) is what the Hawaiians call their bowl of freshly sliced fish (usually tuna), Hawaiian salt, onions, seaweed, roasted kukui nut, lime, soy sauce and sesame oil. Although variations of this version are still served today, it has morphed into a general bowl of yumminess that can include meats, tofu and vegetables. This is our version, inspired by an island paradise.

Ingredients for your Bowl

Fresh tuna
Cooked rice (1 cup per person)
Carrot rings
Avocado, cubed
Green beans (sliced) or broad beans (whatever is fresh and in season)
Mango or pineapple, cubed
Cabbage, shredded

To serve


Nori seaweed, cut into 1/2cm strips and fried in a little oil until crispy
Sesame seeds


(For 1 – 2 bowls. Adjust for more bowls.)
Juice of 1 lime
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil

Place a little oil on the tuna and sear it on a hot fire until done to your liking. Prepare the vegetables and fruit and place in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients for the dressing. Top with fried seaweed and sesame seeds, and pour over the lime dressing.