Yoghurt Flatbreads

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This is Justin Bonello’s go-to flatbread recipe on the fire. Whether you are making asbrood (where the flatbread is cooked in the ashes of the fire), using a grid or cooking in a cast iron pan, this recipe is so simple, anyone can make it.

What you need:

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1½ cups self-raising flour + more if needed


1 cup Greek yoghurt

1½ cups bread flour + more if needed

1½ teaspoons of baking powder

What to do:

If you’re using self-raising flour, simply mix the ingredients together until you have a nice ball of dough (don’t stress if it’s sticky). If you’re using bread flour and baking powder, mix these first then add the yoghurt.

Knead the dough on a well-floured surface for a minute or two. If the dough is still too sticky, add some more flour and continue to knead. The dough is ready when it is able to hold its shape and is not sticking to your hands or the surface.

Divide the ball of dough into 6 smaller balls. Sprinkle some flour on a surface and roll the flatbreads out into rounds about 0.5cm thick.

Cook the flatbreads in a cast iron pan or on a grid over moderate coals until the they puff up, are covered in brown spots on both sides and are cooked through.

Serve hot.

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