Bersama Lucens

Glossy White Ash

Bersama Lucens

Type: Small tree, 4m.
Form: Compact multi-stemmed tree, prominent foliage.
Flowers: Spikes of small, greenish flowers, from September to May.

The Bersama Lucens tree is most noted for the glossy copper foliage it produces in spring, a useful attribute when you are trying to create varied colour and texture combinations in your shrubberies and screens.

Moreover, by planting the Bersama Lucens you will be doing something special for conservation as it is threatened in the wild – its bark and roots are much prized by traditional healers and there has been little control over the harvesting of these resources.

Its fruit is also most attractive, consisting of capsules of four scarlet seeds. Many birds as well as monkeys feed on the fruit. Found naturally in forests, at forest margins and in thickets.