Bidens 'Bee Alive'

Bidens Ferulifolia – Beggartick

Bidens ferulifolia is a lovely treat for pollinators.

In the olden days we planted Bidens ferulifolia (beggartick) on a whim and then forgot about it. Every now and again, this carefree perennial, with its ferny foliage and yellow daisy-like flowers sprawling all over, would surprise us, catching the eye and inducing an ‘ahh’. Being short-lived, although long-flowering from late spring to autumn, it tended to become leggy and sparse, suddenly disappearing without you even noticing…

But the old Bidens ferulifolia has been all spruced up with two very exciting novelty releases, and it can play an important part in a modern rewilding garden as it attracts nature’s little creatures, like butterflies and bees.

‘Golden Empire’ has a strong, upright and mounded growth habit with extra large, semi-double golden blooms and deeply serrated fresh green foliage. Mature size is about 25cm x 30cm.

‘Bee Alive’ has the same cushioning growth habit, but with petal tips hued in fiery orange with bright yellow centres. Mature size is about 25cm x 60cm.

Although perennial, Bidens ferulifolia should be replaced every year. It can be used as a colourful filler in mixed containers, is a good candidate for cheering hanging baskets, and makes a great groundcover in a mixed border.

Grow notes

  • Full sun
  • Any well-draining soil type
  • Fairly regular watering.
The Gardener