Using hyacinths as indoor décor

Using Hyacinths as Indoor Décor

Using hyacinths as indoor décor

Some of the most popular spring bulbs to grow indoors are hyacinths. They provide a wonderful fragrance to the home and can be styled in so many ways to complement your décor. The best part is that they can be forced to flower in winter to give you that spring-vibe before spring actually arrives.

Hydro hyacinths

There are various ways that hyacinth bulbs can be grown in water, but the most effective is to use a shallow glass bowl, bulb vase or any glass vase with a narrow neck so that the bulb sits on top of the vase with the roots reaching down into the water. (Being able to see the roots growing is part of the charm of growing bulbs hydroponically.)

The bulb must be positioned so the base of it never touches the water, or it will rot. In a shallow glass bowl this is achieved by adding a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the bowl, adding water to just below the top of the pebbles and placing the bulbs on top of the pebbles. To get the roots to shoot, the bulbs need cold and dark conditions. Leave them in a spot like this for a few weeks and the bulb will start sending down roots into the water. Once the roots have reached about 5cm, the bulbs can be moved into a cool spot in the house with no direct sunlight. If they find the house too warm, they will stretch out their stems; if this happens you can cool them down by leaving them outdoors at night in the cold air, or pop them in the fridge if it’s still too warm.

Potted hyacinths

Use a good-quality potting soil with a little added compost (mainly for retaining water). The most important thing to remember for hyacinths is good drainage. Fill a container with a layer of gravel and then add the soil. Plant the bulbs with their necks exposed. You can plant them closer together than you would outdoors, but make sure the bulbs aren’t touching. Add a layer of mulch like moss or small gravel, water well and place in a cool area. Potted hyacinths are usually available in nurseries from April and May.

Hyacinth care

Hyacinths have all the energy and food they need already packed into their bulbs. They only need watering regularly during their sprouting, and less so when they are blooming. Most hyacinth bulbs grown indoors are a one-season affair and can be discarded after they have finished flowering.

If you would like to try and replant them the following year, wait until the leaves have died down and then add a small dose of bulb food to get them going next season. You can then dig them up, remove any soil and store them in a dry place until the next autumn.





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