Seaside Petunia


Calibrachoa are charming little plants and are relatives of the petunia, producing masses of small, bell-shaped flowers on lax, cascading stems. Their growth habit makes them ideal for hanging baskets, pots, window boxes and as a ground cover in the garden.


The brightly-coloured flowers of the Calibrachoa are certainly unique and most visible. They grow best in sun or light shade in well-drained soils. Regular feeding keeps the plants flowering for months on end. Prune them back once they look a little untidy.

Top Attributes

  • Two outstanding bi-coloured hybrids that stand out in the crowd
  • Huge flowering performance, with masses of small blooms over a long period.
  • Wonderful for pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.
  • Combine well in mixed plantings, cascading over the edge of containers.
The Gardener