cabbage tree

Cussonia Paniculata

Highveld Cabbage Tree or Kiepersol

cabbage tree

Cussonia Paniculata, the ‘Highveld Cabbage Tree’ or ‘Kiepersol’, is a small, decorative and evergreen tree, often used as an accent plant in gardens. It has a palm-like look because of its long naked trunk and the large, rounded head of leaves it bears right at the top. This unusual tree is planted mainly for its different shape and striking leaves, rather than the spikes of yellow flowers it bears in summer.

This tree has an especially ornate appearance when planted in a pot on a patio. It can sustain long periods of drought once established and thrives in gardens that don’t get subjected to severe frost. It is the perfect choice in gardens where the number of plants that can be grown is limited due to dry conditions.

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