Russelia equisetiformis


Russelia equisetiformis

This vibrant plant, Russelia Equisetiformis, is made up of clusters of scarlet tubular flowers; resembling small firecrackers, that provide reliable colour from spring to autumn. Slender, rush-like stems start out erect, then fall over into long, showy cascades. Great for spilling out of a container.

Russelia Equisetiformis is a weeping shrub bursting with compact sprays of red flowers that lend it its name. Other common names include Coral plant and Coral Fountain plant.

The narrow, tubular flowers are about 2.5 cm long and cover the plant. You’ll get the most blooms by putting it in full sun.  It’s attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Show it off. Display your Firecracker plant in a large hanging basket and allow it to cascade, showing off the fine-textured foliage covered with bright flower clusters

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