Rustic Creeper Ladder

Give your creeper something to grow up with and add a cute a rustic feature to your outdoor areas with this simple DIY.

What you need:

2 rolls of rope

20 x 40cm-long sticks (wood or bamboo)

A couple of wooden beads for decoration

What you do:

1. Tie the ends of two pieces of string in a knot and place a stick between the two pieces.
2. Tie a loop knot to secure the stick.
3. Continue tying a stick every 10cm until you run out of sticks.
4. Leave a 10 – 15cm length of string free at the end. Repeat this step with two more pieces of string on the other ends of the sticks.
5. Thread beads onto the 10 – 15cm length of string at the ends, then tie the ends together to form a triangle from which to hang the ‘ladder’.
6. Thread a bead onto the ends of the string at the bottom of the ladder. Secure your plant ladder to the wall and plant your favourite climber below it, and watch it climb!

The Gardener