5 Questions For Edrien Erasmus

Die Groenste Vingers is a reality competition series where 15 of the country’s top flower fundis compete to be crowned as having Die Groenste Vingers. Participants take part in different weekly challenges where they must each design and create unique floral arrangements, after which judges decide who will bloom and flourish, and who will wilt…

Edrien Erasmus Presenter

Edrien is a versatile South African singer, actress and writer with a zest for life. She started her career in the early 2000s with two independent solo albums, and her music has featured in several Afrikaans films such as Vir die Voëls and Aalwyntyd

She is well known in Afrikaans music theatre circles as a strong comic performer with a warm mezzo-soprano voice, and her musical theatre highlights include productions such as Ons vir Jou, Ester, Liefling die Musical, Droomkind and Aspoestertjie die Pantomime, to name but a few.

Edrien has also acted in various television series, such as Donkerland, Fluiters, Bloedbroers, High Rollers and Elke Skewe Pot, and fans would have also seen her make appearances in 7de Laan, Scandal! and, more recently, Binnelanders. She has also acted on the big screen in Vir die Voëls, Raaiselkind and Toorbos

Edrien cares about people and feels passionate about leaving the world in a better place than she found it.

We recently sat down with Edrien Erasmus, presenter of Die Groenste Vingers, and asked her 5 questions, to learn a bit more about her.

You are dealing with a show where there are flowers and plants in abundance for the competitors to use. Do folks ever gift you with a huge bouquet on a special occasion, or are they too afraid to do it because they might think you will not appreciate it?

I love receiving a huge bunch of flowers and people that know me, know that the brighter and more colourful it is, the better!

Do you stealthily nab a cutting from somebody’s garden because you can not resist it?

I do, and try my best to keep it alive… I usually ask my Mom’s advice which is always the best. She has a very pretty garden.

Do any of you get stage fright when you have to talk on camera?

Even after doing this type of work for a while, I still get nervous when the cameras start rolling, but it gets easier with time.

Can you keep your house plants alive without stress?

I am sure that plants relate to one’s emotional state. When I am calm and serene, they grow well, but when I am stressed they battle a bit. I do try…

What is your favourite flower and why?

I am crazy about snapdragons (I use them to perform puppet show tricks) and daffodils, as they remind me of Alice in Wonderland. And then, definitely the beautiful sunflower. What’s not to like about them? 🌻

Catch season 2 of Die Groenste Vingers from Wednesday 26 October 2022 on DStv kykNET channel 144.

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