Anywhere Table

Ever wanted a table that can be used anywhere and then stored away flat? This table is just the thing.

What you will need

Cutting list

  • 4 x 800mm x 44mm x 22mm (Legs)
  • 4 x 480mm x 44mm x 22mm (Table top
  • supports)
  • 6 x 600mm x 94mm x 22mm (Table top slats)
  • 1 x 500mm x 94mm x 22mm (Outer leg brace)
  • 1 x 450mm x 94mm x 22mm (Inner leg brace)
  • 6 x 6mm x 75mm gutter bolts
  • 6 x 6mm nuts
  • 18 x 6mm washers
  • 24 x 4mm x 40mm cut screws
  • Spraypaint – we used Rustoleum Lagoon satin
  • coat


Cordless drill, 6mm wood drill bit, counter sink bit, flat screw driver, 11mm spanner, hack saw, tape measure, pencil


1.Drill and counter sink 6mm holes in the legs and table supports as shown in the diagram. Round off all the corners except for those at the base of the legs.

2.Assemble one set of legs by attaching two legs together with a gutter bolt through the centre holes. Be sure to place washers on ether side and one in between the legs. Do the same to assemble the second set of legs.

3.Lay the two leg assemblies down and attach the outer legs of each assembly using the 500mm outer leg brace at 140mm up from the base of the legs. Turn the whole assembly over and, in the same way, attach the two inner legs with the 450mm inner leg brace.

4.To assemble side 1 of the table top, place two of the table top supports 515mm apart and, from the side with no hole, attach three slats with a 20mm overhang on both sides. Repeat this step to make side 2 but with the supports 375mm apart with a 90mm overhang.

5.Attach the top sections to the legs using the gutter bolts and nuts with washers between the timber. Attach the top side 1 to the outside legs and the top side 2 to the inner legs.

6.Stand the table up in its set-up position and then lay a piece of wood against the base of the legs. Mark and cut to get a flat edge on the base of the foot

7.Sand all the edges and spray paint the table using a straight-to-wood spray paint.

The Gardener