Botanical Clay Crafts

When you’re a gardener, decorating clay is much simpler – let the leaves do the work for you! These botanical clay crafts can be used to make trinket trays, gift tags or anything you can mould the clay into. In minutes, and a bit of drying time, you can make a personalised, arty project with impressions of your own garden to bring the outdoors inside.

Items needed for your botanical clay crafts

  • Air-drying clay
  • Leaves, to make impressions
  • Rolling pin
  • Craft knife


  1. Remove the clay from the packaging, tear off a piece and roll out into a flat square.
  1. Make leaf impressions by pressing leaves into the clay and then removing them. Thicker leaves and stalks will show up better than thinner ones.
  1. Repeat across the sheet until you’re happy with the pattern.
  1. Use the craft knife or cookie cutters to cut sections from the clay and mould into your desired shape.
  1. Leave out for 24 – 72 hours until completely dry.
  1. Once it has dried, paint your botanical craft or leave as is.
The Gardener