Picture Frame Greenhouse

This DIY picture frame greenhouse is the cheapest, quickest and cutest greenhouse you can possibly make! It can be used outdoors amongst bright flowers or indoors as extra décor to highlight your plants

You will need

4 large picture frames
4 smaller picture frames (half the size of the large frames)
Hot glue gun


  1. Remove the cardboard backing from all of the frames. Use the existing frames as is, or remove the glass and spray paint the frames the colour of your choice. Using the hot glue gun, glue the glass to the frames to prevent movement.
  2. Once the glass panels are firmly in place, build the base by gluing the four large frames together. Glue both sides of the frame and smooth off any extra glue with a palette knife.
  3. Glue two of the smaller frames together and repeat with the remaining two.
  4. Once all the separate pieces have dried, glue the smaller frames onto the larger base to create a roof shape.

Place your favourite plants around the picture frame greenhouse but out of direct sunlight to prevent any leaves from burning.

The Gardener