Portable water features

water features

Garden centres stock an array of portable water features that take no longer than a Saturday morning to install in the garden or on the patio.

Consider the following before you buy…

  • Scale and size – when you’ve decided where a water feature is needed, measure the area before visiting the nursery. The size and scale of a water feature can be confusing when you are standing in the nursery and it is terribly disappointing to end up with something that looks minute and gives you a sad trickle when what you actually visualised for the area was some robust and energetic water.
  • Style – as most water features are focal points, and highly ornamental to boot, pick one to suit the style and theme of your garden.
  • Safe for kiddies – even a few centimetres of water can be dangerous. If the kids are still toddling around, rather pick a submersed water feature where the sump and pump is underground, leaving only a bubbling fountainhead and smooth pebbles on soil level. They will love to play there and you will have peace of mind.
  • Quiet or noisy – a still reflection pool, perhaps with some water lilies, is peacefully quiet. Splashing water although usually a heavenly sound to all, can be most irritating in the quiet of night.
  • About the pump
    1.Is it included in the price of the water feature?
    2.Is it strong enough to circulate water, but not so powerful that it will make the water splash outside the main sump. Splashing wastes water and the surrounding plants may die of wet feet, it can also empty the water completely and damage the pump.
    3.In the case of a submerged sump, before it is installed and covered with mesh and pebbles the pump should be tried in a bucket of water to see if it works well first.
    For safety’s sake get the advice of an electrical contractor when working with water and electricity.
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