Rock that Pot – Wooden Chair

Wooden Chair

This DIY requires only a discarded wooden chair, a terracotta pot with a rim, some paint and sealant, plus a sense of humour. We used a rickety old rocking chair that was no longer safe to sit on, but which made the perfect holder for a pot of colourful Cyclamen.

Step 1: Measure the circumference of the pot just under the rim, and transfer the measurement onto the seat of the chair.

Wooden Chair

Step 2: Using a drill bit slightly wider than your jigsaw blade, drill a hole just inside the marked circle.

Wooden Chair

Step 3: Insert your jigsaw blade and follow the line, cutting out the circle.

Step 4: Now that your chair or rocker resembles a commode, it is almost ready for the pot, but not before it is painted.

Step 5: Prepare the wood by sanding it lightly, then apply an undercoat and leave it to dry.

Step 6: Next, apply your first coat of colour (remember bright colours make it fun) and allow it to dry. Two coats of colour will give an even finish.

Step 7: Finally, spray sealant over the painted wooden chair. While the sealant dries, pop out and buy a bright flowering plant for your pot. We found a bright pink cyclamen, and doesn’t it look gorgeous?

The Gardener