Splash Birdbath

DIY Birdbath

Every garden needs a birdbath or two, and this one can be made in a flash. This is the perfect DIY project – all you need is some wire, cement and newspaper.


  • PPC Cement
  • galvanised wire, 3 mm diameter
  • galvanised binding wire, 0,8 mm
  • newsprint
  • plaster sand


Wire cutters, trowel, sponge


Step 1: Use the 3 mm galvanised wire to make 4 rings: 2 large rings and 2 that are about 10 cm smaller.


Step 2: Using the binding wire, make a frame by tying the 2 larger rings together, separating them by about 10 cm, and then do the same with the smaller rings.

Step3: Place the rings on a flat surface with the smaller one in the centre, and tie them together on one side only, again using the binding wire.

Step4: Pack balls of newspaper tightly into the space between the two circles – this completes the framework for the birdbath.


Step5: Combine 4 parts plaster sand and 1 part cement with water to make a stiff mixture.

Step6: Place a piece of newspaper on a flat surface and spread a thick layer of the cement mixture in a circle about 5 cm wider than the framework.

Step 7: Press the frame firmly into the mixture and start working the cement around it with a trowel, until it is completely covered. Ensure that the sides slope gradually towards the centre of the well.

Step8: Complete the birdbath by smoothing the surfaces with a wet sponge. The cement must be completely dry before you move the birdbath to its place the garden.

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