Succulent trio in glass jars

What you need

  • 3 glass jars
  • 3 succulents: we used Echeveria ‘Secunda’,
  • Crassula ovata ‘Sunset’, Sedum x
  • luteoviride
  • Coarse gravel
  • Silica sand
  • Small hand trowel
  • Twine
  • Battery-operated fairy lights
  • Glue gun and sticks

1. Place a thin layer of coarse gravel in the bottom of the jars – this will form the water-well.

2. Remove succulents from their growing pots and tease off any excess soil. Place in jars and fill to the top with silica sand.

3. Glue the three jars together with a glue gun.

4. Wind twine around all three jars and glue down the ends of the twine.

5. Place fairy lights around the succulents and press the battery pack into the cavity created by the twine. Make a simple card and use a large paperclip to place it into one of the jars.

The Gardener