Spring Time – Nature’s Pest Party Season

While humans shake off the apathy of winter, a variety of insect pests are doing the same – waking up from their winter pupation slumber and hatching into larvae that are ravenous and ready to feast.

Springtime is a wonderland of flowers, sunshine, and picnics on the lawn. But bugs love the season of new growth just as much as you do, so now is the time to start monitoring your veggie patch, flower garden and orchards. Leave it too long and you’ll land up with infestations of sucking pests such as Thrips, Aphids, Leaf hoppers and Whiteflies that are tough to get rid of. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Meet the new Insect Science range

Home and garden owners across South Africa have recently gained access to a new eco-friendly range of responsible insect pest management products that will help you monitor and manage insect pests. The Insect Science Home and Garden range provides a simple, easy-to-use alternative to traditional insecticide-based products.

Insect Science has spent years researching and developing products that help farmers – and now gardeners and homeowners – to manage insect pests using nature’s ways, leaving no harmful residues. A major focus for Insect Science is the development and manufacture of pheromone-based products, as well as the use of specific colours, to help growers to target certain insect pests without the use of toxic insecticides.

This targeted approach means the products avoid harming beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators.

The Insect Science Home and Garden range includes blue and yellow sticky cards and rolls for plant pests; sticky traps for flying and food storage pests; and even a pleasant-smelling glue remover that removes all kinds of sticky residues, from wax crayons on your walls to sticker glue. Try the Insect Science range that will attract specific insects before they lay eggs on fruit and flowers.

Why use yellow?

When plants are stressed, their leaves and stems turn yellow, attracting certain insect pests when their natural defences are weak. The yellow used on Insect Science’s products, such as the Yellow Sticky Cards attracts various sucking pests, helping you monitor and manage them on your crops and plants.

The range is available online at www.shop.insectscience.co.za and in major nurseries and retail stores.

The Gardener